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Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi (Cultural Interaction)


Lake Eyasi is a land where the Wahadzabe & Datoga live. It is advisable to spend two days at Kisima Ngeda Camp which is the luxury camp at Lake Eyasi. You can arrive at camp for lunch and afternoon hike in the area. Meet the Datoga at their village. The Datoga are terrified of the Masai’s. The Masai are their biggest enemy. They are cattle herders as well. There was war between the Masai and Datoga for many, many years ago in Ngorongoro. The Datoga chief was killed and buried near Fig Tree Camp on the Crater floor.

Then, you can spend the next day immersing yourself in the culture. Due to nomadic behavior of this tribe, Wahadzabe, it is difficult to meet them. They move with the animals, as they are hunters. But our guide knows where to find them. Visit the Wahadzabe caves, where they sometimes spend their nights while hunting. They hunt with bow and arrow. The Wahadzabe, the nearest relatives to the Bushmen of Kalahari Desert. Visit their place where they find the plant that they boil to produce their poison, which they use for hunting. This plant can be found all over the Lake Eyasi area. During walking and driving we might be lucky to see game as well such as lesser kudu and dik-dik.

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