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About Beyond Adventures

Beyond Adventures is a small family owned safari company. Our Founder, Deus Haraja arranges each trip to fit the travelers’ needs, from backpacking to luxury hotels, he has taken wildlife enthusiasts and academic researchers—and everyone inbetween—to visit his native land.


At Beyond Adventures, every customer becomes a friend. We create unique adventures, with each trip customized to the traveler’s needs. Arranging trips that combine adventure with culture, with the main goal of sharing our love, passion and enthusiasm for Tanzania with others. 


Beyond Adventures prides itslef in excellence with:
       • Untold Safari Adventures
       • Trekking Kilimanjaro and Beyond
       • Romantic Experiences
       • Comfy to luxury accommodation bookings
       • Tour guided day tours, and more
       • And Memories that will last a life time


Beyond Adventures attention to detail, experienced native guides, and desire to please will ensure that your trip will provide a lifetime of memories.

The itineraries, lodges and all details are all carefully selected with each individual traveler in mind, and contain a variety of adventure, scenery, wildlife and culture that will ensure you have a trip of a life time that goes beyond your normal adventure.

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